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The Great Pastry Debate

Join us for a battle of words and wit, as UNC VIPs attempt to convince us of the superiority of their pastry of preference. Will you vote for the staple of the American South—the biscuit—the perfect warm and flaky combination of butter, salt, and flour, making you yearn for a tall glass of ice-cold sweet sweet tea? Or will you be persuaded to join the ranks of the Anglophile supporters of that supremely British innovation—the scone (pronounced “skahn,” with nose raised slightly above the horizon)— best when accompanied by a brisk cup of hot tea? Or will you favor the Francophile confection—the beignet—the pastry that makes you yearn for dark coffee and the tunes of N ’Orleans French Quarter? It may be that the literary associations of each pastry will sway your decision.

Join us for a morning of literary allusion and philosophical debate on this momentous deliberation of transatlantic allegiances. We will celebrate not only 225 years of teaching English at Carolina, but 225 years of teaching French as well, as both languages (and now many more as well) remain pertinent in the Comparative and World literature concentration of our major.