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Choose your classes! Sessions will cap at 20 students.

Take up to two classes from current and retired ECL professors.

Marc Cohen, A Post-modern Millennial in Pain 

Class prep: Watch the TV special, “Bo Burnham: Inside” (Netflix).


Marsha Collins, Craving Romance:  From the ‘Odyssey’ to “Star Wars’ and the ‘Mandalorian’

No class prep


Danielle Christmas, Slave Catechisms as Literature

Class prep: Readings:

A Pro-Slavery Catechism

Reverend Jones’s Catechism

Slave Catechism 1854


Stephanie Elizondo Griest, Memoir Writing Workshop: Rendering Life into Art

No class prep


George Lensing, “‘The Road Not Taken’: Robert Frost’s Poetic Game with His Readers”

No class prep

A scholar of modern American poetry and known for his work on Wallace Stevens, Mann Family Distinguished Professor George Lensing taught in the department from 1969-2015. A beloved instructor, Lensing also served as the director of the English Honors program, as well as assistant dean of honors in the College of Arts and Sciences.


Tom Stumpf, The Fellowship of English Majors

No class prep

A charismatic and award-winning teacher known for his wit and sonorous voice, Professor Thomas Stumpf taught in the department from 1970-2006.  An expert in eighteenth-century British literature, Professor Stumpf also led the department’s softball team, gave a yearly reading of How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the Bull’s Head Bookshop, and sang in the faculty-led rock band, Scrapyard.